Licking County is not responsible for the type of information posted. Unless the county deems otherwise, the lost/found notice will remain posted for 14 days and then will be automatically removed. If your pet is still missing or you still have a found animal you will need to repost after 14 days. If your dog is not wearing a current license, you must visit the shelter in person every other day to identify if your dog is here. The shelter has walk-in lost pet service hours 7 days a week except for holiday periods.
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Entry DateLost/FoundAnimalLocationContact InfoDescription
4/24/2014Lost Cat Newark, OH- Off Cedar St. On Arlington Ave. Katley May 614-804-3943 or 614-804-01095 Darryl Walker Big Black Male Cat Has a worn out camo collar without a bell He is 1 1/2 yrs old
4/23/2014Lost Cat Toboso area Amanda 763-7122 Around here people have dropped off cats. Myself and a neighbor have taken them in. Gave them names and made sure they are fed. New neighbors trapped and dumped three of them. A orange male named Stan. A gray cat with green eyes named smokers. And a yellow female with odd black patch on her head and white paws named Willow. Please if you have seen them wandering let me know. Or any info.
4/23/2014Found Dog Near Summit Rd. Pataskala Male, un-nuetered. Small, rusty brown dog. With white mostly on chest and paws. Very friendly, good with animals and kids. If you know or have any information on this dog please contact :)
4/23/2014Lost Cat Trail East in Etna 740 927-4680 Grey and black striped. Green eyes. Has on a colar and tags. Missing since 4/22/14 around 9pm. Please call if you have seen him.
4/22/2014Lost Cat church st and willams 740-616-5100 plz text male Siamese cat he is fixed been missing 4 days now
4/22/2014Found Dog Glenford, Ohio Barbara Cummings 740-787-1285 Female yellow lab, no tags, seems to be about a year old.
4/22/2014Found Dog sportsman and dry creek road 740 641-4177 Male white and tan spotted beagle mix paper trained. Can tell he was an indokr pet.
4/22/2014Found Dog Fallsburg, Ohio.. off St Rt 79 Fallsburg Rd 740-334-0856 Dominic Sorry to be the one to have to report this... Someone has hit a white with brown spots Beagle... We put it on the side of the road in case someone would like to claim him/her... If not claimed by night we well remove him/her... Sorry for your loss
4/21/2014Lost Cat Gale Rd/ Grandview / route 16 Granville OH Judy 740-587-3204, 614-570-2118 Small Female black cat . Declawed in front. Gold eyes , friendly 2 years old - need home ! Thank you!!
4/21/2014Found Dog Licking Valley Rd Mikki 614-638-9185 Small female red/brown, may have some weiner dog in her, found at Licking Valley Rd & 16 Monday 4/21/13, evening. Very sweet, has collar no tags