Licking County is not responsible for the type of information posted. Unless the county deems otherwise, the lost/found notice will remain posted for 14 days and then will be automatically removed. If your pet is still missing or you still have a found animal you will need to repost after 14 days. If your dog is not wearing a current license, you must visit the shelter in person every other day to identify if your dog is here. The shelter has walk-in lost pet service hours 7 days a week except for holiday periods.
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Entry DateLost/FoundAnimalLocationContact InfoDescription
9/19/2014Lost Dog 740-334-5348 Lost male Beagle, tricolor, no collar, St. Louisville area near Martinsburg Rd.
9/19/2014Found Cat Canyon Rd, Granville Tommie 740-928-0224 Small kitten, Black and white with 4 white paws. wearing a fea collar.
9/19/2014Lost Dog Northwood and Summit Lujack Prater 3303577854 1 year old male brindle boxer with a white chest and white paws wearing a red collar
9/19/2014Found Dog Pataskala Tan male with some white streaks. Medium size, maybe 30 lbs. Freindly and playful.
9/18/2014Found Dog Smokey row road 1740-755-2814 A male beagle mix, looks to be mixed with coon hound, he has a white with brown spotted belly with the upper half of a beagle, he has no collar and is incredibly friendly. He has black around his eyes that make it look like he is wearing eye liner
9/18/2014Found Dog Pataskala the previous report of the Pomeranian has been located. Thanks so much!
9/18/2014Lost Dog Mulberry Street, Pataskala David or Karen Johnson 740-927-5311 Kobe is a 15lb pomeranian mostly cream colored with a short haircut. He is very friendly and answers to Kobe.
9/18/2014Found Dog Pataskala/etna Amy female, light tan, young med sized, happy, friendly
9/18/2014Lost Dog toboso/hanover area 7407552731 Black lab mix, one blue eye, one brown eye, wearing a black color. Been missing since 9/15/14.
9/18/2014Found Cat Hebron Ohio Greg Brewer, 740-975-4082, All Black and gold eyes shorthaired female kitten, looks to be six to eight weeks old. found out on route 40 in the church parking lot