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Department Responsibility and Required Fees
Recording Desk
After examining each document, the recording desk accepts for recordation the above referenced documents as well as powers-of-attorney, veterans discharges, partnership agreements, zoning amendments, etc. These records require permanent recording for security. Each document needs to have separate identity. In order to accomplish this, it is given a unique document number and time of recording, confirming the order they were filed.
Data Entry Department
The Data Entry staff is very conscientious in their efforts to correctly enter the information into the database. This department is responsible for the integrity of the information and records as filed. Another aspect of their duty is to quality assure that each document and the information entered is correct.
Micrographics Department
Our Micrographics Department processes thousand of requests for photocopying or printing of the various records. This department is responsible for book copies, plat copies, fax orders and charges.
General Index Department
We have hundreds of index and record books, as well as computer programmed history information, maintained in the General Index Department. You may come into our office and search any of these records at no cost to the public. Our records date back to the early 1800’s. If you need assistance in finding any information, the staff will gladly help you with your search. We are very customer oriented office, the staff is very knowledgeable and courteous and will be happy to assist you.
Licking County Recorder's Office
Bryan Long, Recorder
20 S. Second Street
Newark, Ohio 43055
(740) 670-5300
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