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Tire Collection Event - Spring 2016
Got Tires? 10 locations across Licking County will be hosting Tire Collection Events in April and May 2016. Drop off your old tires for recycling! Any size or condition. CASH ONLY! Passenger Tires $1; Truck $3; Ag/Semi $10; Rims $4. Please review flyer or contact Licking County Recycling at 740-670-5125 for more information.

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Join the Green Team!
Community Volunteers joining together to get the word out about recycling, conducting community clean-ups, and providing ideas to move recycling forward in Licking County! The green team meets the second Thursday of each month. To become a member or to get involved contact our office 740-670-5125 or email us.

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Like us on Facebook! Our Facebook page highlights recycling tips, upcycling ideas, and information on recycling in Licking County.
Helpful Hint for the Month

You might be surprised to hear that paper and plastic bags both have some significant pros and cons. Most know about the amount of litter produced by the number of plastic grocery bags used in America. These bags can also be harmful to wildlife, take hundreds (or even thousands) of years to decompose in landfills, and cause problems with machines used for recycling and are strongly discouraged from being recycled in the County recycling bins. However, paper bags use an enormous amount of water to produce and also use paper from trees that could be soaking up carbon dioxide. Additionally, paper bags use 91% more energy per pound to recycle than plastic bags and emit more air pollution and greenhouse gases during production. There are things you can do with your spare or leftover paper and plastics bags? Paper bags can be used as compost material. According to the EPA, most inks are safe for composting as they are soy-based. These bags can also be recycled! Fill your paper bags with recyclables and drop the bag and all in a recycling bin. Paper bags can also be used as textbook covers or even as DIY large envelopes. As for plastic bags, start by using them for their original purpose and reuse them for your next trip to the grocery store. Plastic bags are also typically collected for recycling at your local grocery or retail store. They also make great mailing fillers and can even be donated to food pantries, used bookstores and libraries.
Licking County Recycling
We are committed to providing recycling opportunities to our community, while teaching all ages how and why to recycle and care for the community. In order to meet this goal, we offer 21 full-service recycling drop-off collection sites across Licking County. We continue to strive to assist residents on finding locations to properly dispose of hard to recycle items. Throughout the year, we work with communities and individuals who want to make a difference by cleaning up Licking County by hosting community clean –up events or adopt-a- road. Licking County Recycling also provides speakers to any organization or educational programs to all Licking County schools. Licking County Recycling is a member of the CFLP Solid Waste District. CFLP Solid Waste District (one of fifty-two across Ohio) consists of Coshocton, Fairfield, Licking and Perry County’s. The CFLP Solid Waste District works to manage solid waste disposal and recycling on a multi-county level. Licking County Recycling programs are funded through the CFLP Solid Waste District and the Licking County Commissioners.
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Mailing Address:
20 South Second Street Newark, Ohio 43055

Physical Address:
777 E. Main Street Newark, Ohio 43055

Phone: 740-670-5125 Fax: 740-349-1486

**Our building is a green house.
There is an overhang on the side of our
building under which computers and electronics (No TVs or large appliances) can be placed for recycling.**
Licking County Recycling
Our Staff
Lindsey Grimm, Director
Verdie Abel, Education Coordinator
Linda O'Leary, Administrative Assistant

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