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Licking County Engineer's Office
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Our Mission

The mission of The Licking County Engineer's Office is to provide prompt, courteous service to the public, while fulfilling our obligations set forth by the Laws of Ohio in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


News And Announcements

2018 Paving & Bridge Replacement Program

The County Engineer plans to pave approximately 10.76 miles, chip seal 28.80 miles and replace several bridges throughout Licking County. Please note that the locations may change due to unforeseen circumstances. As start dates are added and/or locations change a new map will be provided. Click here to view the current map

Roads & Bridges Article

In the May 2017 edition of Roads & Bridges magazine, county bridge engineer Michael Bline, P.E., coauthored an editorial with Daniel Kent, Jr., P.E., of Gannett Fleming entitled, “Getting on program: County bridge management in Ohio boosts safety.”  In part, it reads:

 As our nation’s infrastructure ages, emphasis is placed on the inspection and remediation of bridges. These bridges are travelled by school buses, family cars and pedestrians every day. How do engineers and county officials work together to ensure the safety of these travelers?

 In Licking County, Ohio, a five-year bridge program was developed by the county engineer to manage, repair and replace aging county-owned structures. Gannett Fleming assisted the county engineer with identifying the deteriorated bridges and culverts, and assessing 158 bridges. Each bridge was evaluated and prioritized for repair or replacement. New bridges previously unrecorded in the county’s inventory also were discovered. The bridges were found to be in various conditions, from poor to critical, and some were even closed.

 Using a ranking system to identify priorities for funding, general funds were successfully acquired and used to replace a large number of bridges and culverts over the five-year period. While bridges are driven over every day without a thought, this project reveals the focused, intentional process to repair and replace bridges to keep them in safe working condition.

 Read the entire article on the website of Roads & Bridges magazine by clicking this link.