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Interim Director:  Marti Kolb

Education Coordinator: Verdie Abel

Administrative Assistant: Linda O'Leary

Recycling Site Representative: Terry Lake

Mailing/Business Address:
20 South Second Street
Newark, Ohio 43055

Physical/Actual Location:
777 E. Main Street
Newark, OH, 43055

Phone: 740-670-5125
Fax: 740-349-1486

**Our building is a house painted green.
There is an overhang on the side of our
building for recycling computers and electronics (Absolutely No TVs or large appliances).


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recycling idea


Why we can't simply "wish" something can be recycled.

Have you ever practiced "wish-cycling?" We probably all have at one time or another. "Wish-cycling" occurs when you or I "wish" that an item is recyclable and choose to toss it in with our traditional recyclables and "wish" it gets recycled.

We see "wish-cycling" all the time in our recycling bins - five gallon plastic buckets, cat litter buckets, plastic yard toys, Styrofoam, plastic wrap, foam peanuts, storage tubs, scrap metal....the list goes on and on. Granted, many of these items are technically recyclable, but our system does not process them and they actually do more harm than good once they find their way into the automated sorting system. Since the Rumpke sorting system is almost 100% automated, these wishful items can actually slow down or completely shut-down the sorting system and ultimately end up in the landfill anyway.

To learn more about the downfalls of "wish-cycling" take a look at this article by Earth911:

Thanks so much for recycling, but please stick to the following items that we know are recyclable in the Licking County Recycling single stream bins:

1. Clean Paper and cardboard of all kinds - newspaper, copier paper, junk mail, catalogs, shipping boxes, drink cartons (straws removed, please), cereal, cracker, and soda boxes, etc. Avoid tissues, photo paper, and paper towels.
2. Aluminum food and drink cans of all kinds - scrap aluminum is not accepted (scrap yards love scrap aluminum....)
3. Steel Food Cans of all sizes as well as empty aerosol cans with lids and spray caps removed. No scrap metals please, including pressurized gas tanks and bottles. (scrap yards love scrap metals as well, but they may not be able to take gas bottles or tanks)
4. Glass food and beverage containers - no window or auto glass, drinking glasses, light bulbs, or dishware
5. Plastic containers - beverage, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc. Avoid miscellaneous plastics and heavy plastics such as buckets, yard toys, tubs, etc. Unfortunately, these heavy plastic items have to go to the landfill at the moment. In general, all household plastic food and drink containers are accepted into Licking Co. Recycling bins.

All items should be reasonably clean and free from residue. This doesn't mean that you need to run them through a dishwasher, but take reasonable care to rinse or clean your items before recycling.

Back to "wish-cycling". Unfortunately, if you are in doubt...leave it out. This may be hard to accept, but its better to be safe than sorry when placing material in the Licking Co. Recycling bins. Together we can all make a difference when we only recycle the items that we know are acceptable.

Don't forget that Licking Co. Recycling always accepts your household electronics and small appliances at our office at 777 E. Main in Newark. Just leave your items by the TV's or large appliances please.

As always, call if you have questions or concerns about recycling in Licking County.

Happy Recycling!

About the Licking County Recycling Department

Licking County Recycling Department Mission: to protect the environment and conserve natural resources by promoting and encouraging recycling, waste reduction, and sustainability throughout Licking County.

Licking County Recycling Department Vision: a sustainable society that understands and embraces all recycling and waste reduction opportunities.

We are committed to providing recycling opportunities to our community, while teaching all ages how and why to recycle and care for the community. In order to meet this goal, we offer more than 100 recycling bins at 25 drop-off collection sites across Licking County.

We continue to strive to assist residents on finding locations to properly dispose of hard to recycle items. Throughout the year, we work with communities and individuals who want to make a difference by cleaning up Licking County by hosting community clean–up events or adopt-a-road.

Licking County Recycling also provides educational programming and activities to any Licking County organization, business, or school, including scouts, civic groups, youth organizations, churches, and other groups. Simply contact the office if you want to schedule a program for your organization or business.  We can also perform a "waste audit" of your current waste to see how much recyclable material you may have in your waste stream.

Licking County Recycling is a member of the CFLP Solid Waste District. CFLP Solid Waste District (one of fifty-two across Ohio) consists of Coshocton, Fairfield, Licking and Perry County’s. The CFLP Solid Waste District works to manage solid waste disposal and recycling on a multi-county level. Licking County Recycling programs are funded through the CFLP Solid Waste District and the Licking County Commissioners.

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