Tip Of The Month

Each month we'll post some helpful recycling tips for you!



Please do not put soiled or GREASY PIZZA BOXES in your curbside recycling or in any of Licking County’s public drop off bins.  Oil seeps into the corrugated cardboard and cannot be cleaned out or separated from the cardboard pulp during the recycling process.  Cardboard that is “contaminated” is less valuable and less marketable to future buyers.   So, what should you do with that pizza box?  If it looks like the one in the photo, throw it in the trash.  You can still rip the “lid” off and recycle that part if it is clean.  If your favorite pizza store lines the pizza box with parchment-type paper, throw the paper in the trash.  If the cardboard is still clean, recycle it!  Now…. Who’s hungry for pizza? 


LICKING COUNTY RECYCLING WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING ELECTRONICS FOR RECYCLING STARTING OCTOBER 1ST.   So, how/where do you recycle electronics and televisions? Throughout the county, there are at least 12 places where you can recycle your electronics, and at least 6 where you can recycle televisions. 

 Why will Licking County Recycling no longer accept electronics?  A few reasons:

  • Our office is moving in October!  (More on that soon…)
  • We want our residents to support local businesses that participate in recycling.
  • We are exploring the idea of hosting an electronics collection day next year.

Please call any of the businesses below to get more information about recycling your electronics and televisions! 



  • A.S. Recycling Worldwide, 740-408-1013                          
  • Licking/Knox Goodwill, 740-345-9861
  • Best Buy, 740-522-6606                          
  • Ohio Drop Off, 614-478-0808
  • Complete Computer Care, 740-364-0115                          
  • Staples, 740-522-5230
  • Denison University's Red Barn (M-F, 10am-1pm only)                       
  • T.D.R. Computers, 740-964-0993
  • Hebron Scrap Metal Recycling, 740-527-2126                           
  • The Works, 740-349-9277
  • Licking County Computer Society, 740-404-3963                           
  • Waste Away Systems, 740-349-2783


  • 345-JUNK, 740-345-5865                           
  • Sherman's Recycling, 740-345-8994
  • Best Buy, 740-522-6606                           
  • Southeastern Data, 407-971-4654
  • Ohio Drop Off, 614-478-0808                           
  • T.D.R. Computers, 740-349-2783


Are you buying new markers for back-to school season?  Do you have old markers that don't work anymore?  You can recycle those old markers and stop that waste from going into a landfill!  See the websites below for more information on how and where to recycle old markers and even mechanical pencils.

Recycle all brands of markers at Crayola for free:  http://www.crayola.com/colorcycle.aspx

Prang markers can be recycled after requesting a free shipping label.  Seven pounds of markers are recommended:  http://www.dixonrecycle.com/

Other brands, as well as mechanical pencils can be recycled (seven pounds also recommended) through Terra Cycle:  https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/zero_waste_boxes/pens-pencils-and-markers


JULY 2018
Did you know that you can "recycle" your car?  Many agencies accept old cars to fix up and reuse, or will scrap the car's metal for charitable money and the metal can be recycled/reused elsewhere.  Check out the websites for information about recycling your car.  And thank you to recycling fan Roy Huntley Ranario for the information!