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Courthouse and flag installation

Construction and installation is underway today (Wednesday May 23rd) on the first permanent flagpole and weathervane system on the dome top of the historic 1876 Licking County Courthouse. The Courthouse in downtown Newark, in its history, originally had only a weathervane and not a flagpole.  Two years ago at the start of renovation and construction of the Courthouse the old temporary conduit pipe, that served as a flagpole, was removed for building safety considerations.


   As seen in the attached photo, the Licking County Commissioners, as part of the Courthouse renovation project, have had designed a new heavy duty flag pole and weathervane system and today, as promised, the permanent installation is underway.  This permanent installation is designed to withstand high winds at the 160-foot top of the Courthouse, and at the same time still preserving the new weathervane.  This will also allow for the ‘around the clock’ display of our nation’s colors for all to see. 


   Today’s installation (Wednesday 5/23) will conclude with a test flying of the large U.S. Flag, however it will not be flown around the clock until Thursday at the earliest.  In observance of flag protocol, the U.S. Flag will not be flown overnight until proper lighting is added.  The new properly engineered flagpole and weathervane system will allow ‘Old Glory’ to be easily raised and lowered as needed, and the heavy duty nature of the system is designed to withstand storm conditions and stand steady to avoid weather related leaks at the top of the renovated Courthouse.


   In addition to the promised addition of this permanent flagpole and weathervane system, the Commissioners have also returned to the County Courthouse the summertime temporary porch flags.  The large 12 by 18-foot U.S. flags will fly from this Memorial Day weekend until September.  In addition, a rededication of the 1876 historic Licking County Courthouse is planned for this September, when the total project is complete. More information will follow when details are finalized.


   Regarding this Memorial Day weekend, in addition to the dome top U.S. Flag and the large porch flags, the Courthouse will also feature ‘red, white and blue’ color lighting of the roofline and tower the entire weekend, and patriotic music from the Jay Barker Carillon sound system in the bell tower. The Licking County Commissioners are proud to have the community’s Courthouse ‘looking great’ for this first major American holiday of the summer season!